Building 2 Fat Tire E-Bikes.....

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Skip Sligh

1 year ago

Posted: 12 months ago
I’ll keep posting here as things progress. 2 different bikes. No doubt in my mind the mid-drive is the go to for hunters. BUT... I got one old bike that mid-drive is NOT an option. An old Sondors single speed fat bike. Here’s some pics as I start on what I’m dealing with. I am adding this: a 750w hub motor (vs the junk 250w-350w) with way more power through battery & controller. Let’s call my total investment on this one: maybe $1300. Will report back on how it goes & then how performs.
Second after this one is I have a 1000w mid drive I’ll find a bike to put it on. That will b down the road.
Here’s my START.....
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Posted: 12 months ago
I have drove sissy bikes that can’t climb & are jokes & junk. This isn’t top notch but I promise I won’t stop til this thing is legit for farms.

Weak junk hub motor & inside the triangle part of bike- the weak, junk battery & controller going by-by too.

Mid drive for next bike:

Lots more to come. I’ll do some videos on how performs on hills & so on.
& yes- do a MID DRIVE if u do a legit bike.

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Posted: 12 months ago
The Rambo ones aren't too pricey compared to QuietKat. Keep updating this. I have a fat tire bike that I wouldn't mind putting a motor on.